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Best love failure quote

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Best love failure quote 

"I dont hate u 4 not loving me anymore, but i hate myself for still loving you".


You only Told me Arranged Marriage is like After Caught the train several years later we will know Your Destiny,,,

Love Marrige is like Well reserved pre-planned Enjoyable journey.

My love Then why caught train instructed by your Family ??

kadhal enpathu kangalal varuvathal than kannirakha karaikirathu................

thodum thooram ena thondrum vanam ne... unnai thodavum mudiyavillai thodaravum mudiyavillai aanal ne mattum eppadi thodarnthu konde irukirai...........

love is un expeted,never trust man ,easy to play with your mind ,easy to forget you.

never play with any one heart. Coz heart is there to love not to play.

yemaatriya pennai nesi ...

nesitha pennai yemaatrathey...

காதல் என்பது மீனை போல ஆனால் அது- தண்ணிரில் வாழாது
இருவரின் ஆனந்த கண்ணீரில் வாழும்!

இருண்டு போன என் வாழ்க்கைக்கு ஒளிவிளக்காய் வந்தவளே, உன்னை ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளாமல் உன் காதலை உதறி தள்ளிய எனக்கு பிரிவின் வலி இப்போது தானடி தெரிகிறது. என் அன்பே நீ எங்கே இருக்கின்றாய்? நீ இல்லாத உலகம் சூரியன் இல்லாத பூமி போன்றது.

love is the biggest crime I committed in my whole life

love your parents but never love a girl who cant come with you life it is waste of your time alwayss''

listen now a days boys are equally doing like girls like giving first preference to their parents after the love cheating a girls. if your parents words are more important than your lover means why are you guys falling in love , i dint mean that should not listen to ur parents words try to explain and convince them surly they will accept you .

seriously dont play with others heart it gives more paining than any other thing . its making to choose the death as the pain relief secret

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Boys think twice before love a girl.after that girl started to love u,thn never leav that girl for any reasons.bcoz it hurts that girl so much.

now a days girls are not cheating boys instead of that boys are leaving their loved 4 parents. they need to think about their parents before proposing girls.don't break girls heart

avanai anuanuvai nesithen
avan ennai anuanuvai alavaipan endru ariyamal

avanai nesitha natkalil
veruka kooda maranthen ethirigalai
avanai pirintha natkalil
nesikave maranthen ennaye naan

thotrupona kathali

unnai nesitha pothum natkal varudamai therinthathu
unnai pirintha pothum natkal varudamai therigirathu
appothu naragam kooda sorgamai inithathu
ippothu sorgam kooda naragamai sudugirathu

KaadhalipathU Oruvanaiyaam.....
Karam Pidipathu Matroruvanaiyaam.......
Paavam Ithil Yaar Seitha???
1) Kadhalitha Aavana?
2)Illai Karam piditha ivana?????

girls dnt love a boy just for the sake of sex.... but the boys do love for the enjoyment of sex.... bloody boys

ennidam nee iranthu poo endru kooda avan soli irukalam aanal avan enai maranthu poo endru alavaa sonnan???paavam antha irapirku kooda enai pidika villai pola.,enai innum alaithu kolla villai..........endrum avan ninaivil vaalum naan.........

Naan unne uyirukkuyira kadhaliche...pinnalevanthadhum ne...Kadhale mudhal le sonnadhum nee...kadaisivarkkum koodeyirukkum ennu sonnadhum ne....enikke ellame en parents than endusolli...kadaisiyile innorthane marrige pannadhu ne...marakkamudiyadhedi unne en vaazhunaal muzhuvadhu....

Pasanga unmaiya love pannuvanga"
Aana nalla ponna select panna mattanga.
Ponnuga nalla paiyana select pannuvanga,
Aana"unmiya love panna mattanga"
it's true.

Silarukku panithuli pidikkum..!
Silarukku mazhai thuli pidikkum..!
yaraiyavathu unmaiyaga nesithu paarungal kanneer thuli kooda pidikkum..!

Arugil iruppavargal elloru anbanavargal illai..!
Anbanavargal ellorum arugil iruppathillai..!
Unnai pola @ sweety ,,,,my num 9710312012

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